Organising Your Event

Hints & Tips to help make the most of your event

Plan Your Event

  • Decide what type of event you want to hold
  • Set a date and time and chose a venue, make sure it doesn’t clash with anything
  • Check legalities and insurance
  • Set up a committee for the event, and decide who is responsible for what
  • Contact local groups like the Rotary to ask if they can include the event in their newsletters.
  • Sign and return the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital Charity Fundraising Agreement

Work out a Budget

  • Calculate the running costs of the event
  • Set a fundraising target
  • Decide how will you raise funds

Promote your Event and Get the Most out of Donations

  • Spread the word, tell your friends and family, and ask them to tell everyone they know, use email, blogs and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your event as widely as possible.
  • Set up a JustGiving page online, ask your friends and family to donate first as people tend to match the amounts already listed on the page so target your most generous supporters first! Make sure you ask everyone who donates to complete a Gift Aid form, this means we be able to claim an extra £28 for every £100 raised.
  • Create posters and leaflets and distribute around the local area
  • Contact local press including TV and radio

Get Local Support

  • Enlist the support of local business – ask local shops, pubs, cafés and restaurants and any one else you can think of if they are able to donate prizes, put up posters or sponsor a particular element of your event e.g. design or print of a brochure.

The Event

  • Take lots of pictures, raise lots of money and have lots of fun

Post Event

  • Thank everyone who was involved in the event and let them know how it went
  • Let us know how it went and send us lots of photos so we let everyone know how much you raised
  • Send in sponsor forms and money to the us at The Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital Charity
  • Return any stock borrowed
  • Contact the local press to let them know how the event went and how much you raised.